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Nicole Lea, Milliner/Hat Designer based out of Mill Valley, CA

Nicole began her hat making journey back in Los Angeles by trimming top hats for music festivals. Realizing that was such a small market, Nicole decided to do what she’s always wanted to do … learn the art of Millinery. Taking a private course with her teacher/mentor, she began making hats using the old French technique ... all hand blocked, hand shaped, and hand sewn. “Never use a machine,” said her mentor. After leaving LA, Nicole took another hat making course in San Francisco where she enhanced her free forming felt and straw techniques. She has been using her skills to create and design hats for both men and women … custom one-of-a-kind hats! Nicole uses exceptional materials and embellishments and passionately works until a hat

vision comes to life. A labor of love! She produces contemporary interpretations of classic hats; hats that are bold, are a statement, and a unique work of art! Nicole’s goal is to bring back the hat ... to see more people wearing a beautiful piece with either a T-shirt and a pair of jeans or with a favorite dress or suit! 

Thank you all for supporting local artists! So much appreciated!

Nicole Lea Millinery

One-of-a-kind Works of Art  Built with Passion  

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I work with you personally to create the perfect hat to fit you and your style. 

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